Business insurances



Are you a contractor looking for professional insurance? Find out more about Contractor insurance from La Turquoise.

Agricultural insurance


Are you a member of the farming community? La Turquoise has a team that specializes in farm insurance, with products designed for your specific needs.

Financial Services

Financial services

Looking for mortgage insurance or life insurance with no medical exam? Check out the financial services offered by La Turquoise in Quebec.


Garage owners

Do you own a garage and want to insure it? Check out Garage owner insurance offered to businesses by La Turquoise. 

Nos programmes

Our programs

Like to know more about our array of Business Insurance programs? Check out the insurance programs offered by La Turquoise.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Do you require professional liability coverage for your business needs? 

Benefit from the expertise of our brokers. They have more then 25 years' experience in professional liability insurance.



You’re a professional and want to insure your business property for civil liability or business interruption. Check out Professional insurance offered by La Turquoise.

Real Estate

Real estate

La Turquoise has been at your service for almost 50 years. Take advantage of our expertise in Commercial Real Estate insurance! 

Retailers and wholesalers

Retailers and wholesalers

Retailer and wholesaler insurance from La Turquoise will cover your business no matter what happens, which means you can focus on your operations with peace of mind. 


Service industry

You’re in the service industry and want to protect your business, and have coverage against fraud or equipment breakdown. Check out the insurance products offered by La Turquoise. 



You own a transportation business and want to insure your vehicles, cargo and drivers. Check out Transportation insurance offered to businesses by La Turquoise.