What is commercial General Liability insurance?

A protection that could potentially save your business!

Commercial general liability insurance covers property damage and the risk of bodily injury suffered or caused by your customers or visitors on or off your premises in the course of your business activities. Following a covered loss, whether you are at fault or not, this protection also includes defence costs.

The role of a commerical general liability insurance is to protect your wealth, as your business is legally liable for damage caused by its operations, property and employees. You must therefore choose an amount of insurance that corresponds to the level of risk to which you are exposed. You wouldn't want your borrowing, mortgage or credit opportunities to be affected by an insufficient amount of liability insurance!

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Commercial General Liability

The insurer (we) indemnifies the consequences relating to the commercial general liability money that concern the insured (you), including pre-judgment interest, as a result of personal injury, property damage or deprivation of use of tangible property.

Excess Liability Insurance 

Add Excess Liability Insurance coverage to Commercial General Liability to supplement the insurance amount of the basic policy and make sure your business is sufficiently covered.

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