Contractors – we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re in general contracting, specialized contracting or subcontracting or in a trade like plumbing, electricity, excavation, painting, HVAC, refrigeration, masonry, to name just a few, you’ve surely worked hard to build up your client base. That’s why protecting your hard-won assets is extremely important! Since La Turquoise has many clients in your line of work, we’re especially qualified to give you sound advice.

Worksite insurance

Protect yourself against worksite property losses. Any tools, vehicles, equipment and materials you leave or store on worksites are vulnerable to fire, vandalism, theft or natural disaster. For example,  worksite insurance covers you for extra labour costs incurred by such losses.

Liability insurance and wrap-up insurance

Everyone knows there’s a high risk of injury or property damage to third parties on worksites. Liability insurance covers you and your employees in the event of any dispute. In addition, wrap-up insurance covers your subcontractors, the client and other stakeholders who visits the site.

You’re in good hands with a La Turquoise broker!

Your La Turquoise broker will help you accurately evaluate your needs and be at your side in the event of a claim. Here are a few of the options they will help you estimate:

  • coverage for installation equipment and materials, i.e. installation risk insurance against theft, vandalism or fire affecting the equipment and materials you will be installing on a worksite;

  • coverage for your equipment and tools;

  • a performance bond – recommended because it guarantees your suppliers that they’ll be paid on time, which can lead to better prices;

  • coverage against faulty work (including that of your subcontractors);

  • the wrap-up coverage you need.

Take advantage of our business insurance expertise

Trust our brokers. Our business insurance services team is there to advise and guide you in choosing insurance coverage that best matches your company's needs.