To provide the best insurance experience by advising and protecting people and businesses in communities where we are committed at every stage of their lives.


Commitment to our client 

  • We listen to our clients, understand their needs, offer them the best solutions and keep our promises by acting with integrity in accordance with the laws and norms that govern our profession

  • We simplify the way our clients do business with us

  • We go beyond their expectations by offering them a unique experience at all time


  • We value the importance of the contribution of each of our employees and partners to the success of the organization

  • Effective and transparent communication is the key to good collaboration

  • We encourage collaborative thinking

Social responsibility 

  • We respect the environment and its limited resources

  • We believe that it is important, as an economic player, to contribute to the security, health and well-being of our employees and the communities where we live and work

  • We encourage the participation and involvement of all our employees in their  communities


  • We foster a creative environment dedicated to experimentation 

  • We encourage the development of talent and individuals while valuing the mobilization and the human side of our teams

  • We take advantage of technological innovations to optimize employee comfort and enrich customer interaction