Protect your business against cyber attacks

Cyberattacks are increasing in number and sophistication year-over-year in Canada and elsewhere. No company, regardless of size, can ignore the risks associated with threats like theft of strategic data, a cyberattack that could potentially shut down operations for several days, or malware that could cause serious damage to computer systems.

Your business needs customized cyber risk protection. Cybersecurity insurance protects your digital assets and is an essential complement to your business and liability insurance.

What are cyber risks?

Cyber risks include any risk of financial loss, business interruption or damage to a company's reputation caused by a breach or failure of IT systems.

Is your business vulnerable to cyberattacks?

  • Does your company collect confidential data, such as your clients’ personal information?

  • Do your employees have remote access to your organization's network?

  • Do your managers and board members rely on electronic data to make decisions?

  • Could a loss of data affect your company's operations?

  • Is your production automated?

  • Do you use a cellphone?

Is my company already covered for cyberattacks by its other insurance contracts?

Most property or liability insurance policies do not protect you against cyber risks. For example:

  • Property damage insurance covers physical damage to your property and any resulting business interruption. However, cyberattacks usually cause financial loss with no physical damage as such, and computer data itself is not considered physical property.

  • Civil liability insurance covers damage to third parties caused by a fault committed during the course of business activities. Damage caused by a breach of computer systems is generally excluded, particularly because it can happen without any fault on your company’s part.

  • Fraud insurance covers internal or external misappropriation of funds, but cyber fraud is generally excluded.

Protect your data with our insurance products tailored to your needs

Cyber risk insurance covers the consequences of a breach of your company's IT systems and/or personal or confidential data by offering:

  • incident management assistance: to cover the cost of services from IT security, communications crisis and legal experts;

  • reimbursement of financial damage to your business: to cover reduced gross operating margins, and additional operating and data restoration costs; 

  • personal data breach: to cover costs of notification, lawsuits and administrative fines;

  • protection against cyber fraud and phone usage overbilling; 

  • reimbursement of damage to third parties: to cover damages and interest, legal defence costs and remedial measures.

You can count on our expertise in insuring your business against cyber attacks

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