Protect your business from cyberattacks with the right protection

Cyberattacks have been growing in number and sophistication over the last few years. Canadian businesses are not immune, and cybercrime has become a primary source of concern for senior executives. Cyber risk is a threat that can be very costly! 

  • Currently, 1 in 5 Canadian businesses are victims of cyberattacks.
  • 33% of Canadian businesses are not covered against cyber risk.
  • Nearly half of cyberattacks are aimed at small and mid-sized businesses.
  • 52% of incidents are caused by malicious attacks. 

See with your own eyes how a typical day in the life of an entrepreneur can turn into a business nightmare.

  • A typical day in the life of a business owner in cyberspace : watch the video.
  • Watch the infographic made by La Turquoise

By definition, cyber risk encompasses any risk of financial loss, business interruption or damage to a company’s reputation caused by an attack on computer data and/or a flaw in information technology systems.

Cyber risk may take various forms: phishing e-mails, Trojan horses,  computer viruses, fake links, ransomware, malware and many more.

  • Does your company collect computer data?
  • Are some of these data confidential?
  • Do employees have remote access to the company’s IT systems?
  • Are some decisions made on the basis of computer data?
  • Could data loss seriously affect your company’s everyday activities?
  • Are parts of your production or activities automated?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you clearly face a risk from a cyberattack of some sort. 

Even if your data are of no interest to hackers, they are of interest to you. A hacker may therefore threaten to destroy or disclose your data unless you make a large payment.

Hackers are often able to identify flaws in an operating system and then launch mass attacks against all businesses using this system, with no further distinction. 

Most property or liability insurance policies offer no protection against cyber risk. This is because computer data are not regarded as physical property and are generally excluded from insurance policies. 

An insurance policy against cyber risk is therefore complementary in several respects:

  • Property damage: Covers physical damage to your property and the resulting operating losses. Cyberattacks often cause financial loss with no physical damage.
  • Liability: Covers damage to third parties resulting from a fault committed in the course of your operations. Cyber damage is generally excluded and may occur with no fault having been committed. 
  • Fraud: Covers internal or external misappropriation of funds through an illicit process, but cyber fraud is generally excluded. 

Protect your data with our insurance products suited to your needs

This type of insurance policy can cover the consequences of an attack on IT systems and/or on personal or confidential data. 

  • Assistance in incident management: expertise in data security, legal matters and crisis communications.

  • Damage suffered by your company: loss of operations, additional operating costs and restoration of data. 

  • Attacks on personal data: notification costs, legal defence costs and administrative fines.

  • Cyber fraud and telephone overbilling. 

  • Damage to third parties: damages, legal defence costs and corrective measures.

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