Plan the coasts of your construction site


Some informations are important in order to properly assess your need, such as:

  • Project duration
  • Residential or commercial project
  • Protect or unprotected area
  • Type of construction

The APCHQ program offered by La Turquoise covers several lines of business such as builder's insurance, bonding, auto and trailer fleets, etc.

Our business service offers:

  • 10% synchro discount when insuring goods and commercial auto
  • Bond insurance in 24 hours or less

Advantages of our program

Saving and benefits on your auto and home insurance with the group plan for members and their employees:

  • Discounts of up to 15% off

  • Reductions and exemption of deductibles

  • Intact Insurance Assistance (Legal / Home Assistance)

APCHQ members, contact-us today