We offer the supplementary coverage you need for your home

If you’re not someone who cuts corners and are looking for supplementary coverage, La Turquoise offers a full range of products to enhance your insurance coverage. And, as always, your broker will be there to assist you.  

  • Water damage 

    To meet your needs when it comes to water damage, contact your broker today!  

    • Ground water, sewer back-up and overflow from a  body of water 
    • Above ground water 
    • Water seepage 
  • Oil damage

    This endorsement protects the policyholder in the event of oil damage, which pollutes the ground and may result in a civil suit.  

  • Spa and swimming pool  

    This endorsement covers damage caused by freezing and thawing, as well as the weight of snow and ice. It covers spas, in-ground or above ground swimming pools, equipment as well as patios and platforms which are not attached to the building and give direct access to the spa or the swimming pool.

  • Identity theft

    Be protected in case of identity theft. This endorsement reimburses notary fees, loss of earnings due to absence from work and up to $25,000 in legal defence fees.   

  • Earthquake 

    Your basic insurance policy does not cover damage, such as damage cause by an earthquake.  Coverage must be added to your policy to cover earthquakes and seismic ground motion. 

  • Legal costs 

    Legal expense insurance provides peace of mind by covering legal costs that may be incurred should you need to defend yourself or win a dispute concerning a legal matter.