Comprehensive and affordable tenant insurance 

As a tenant, the building in which you live is insured by the owner but your personal effects aren't covered. To avoid losing everything you own, it's important to properly insure your furniture and all your personal property.

Your policy also includes liability coverage to help you deal with any claims you may face, and this anywhere in the world.

Check out the savings!

There are many ways you can lower your insurance premium. These include adding an alarm system, bundling your car and home insurance and raising the deductible.

Did you know?

Loss and damage caused by a malicious, illegal or voluntary act made by a policyholder are not covered by insurance companies. 

Do you own a dog? Some insurance policies exclude certain dog breeds deemed dangerous. Talk to your representative!

We’re here for you

At La Turquoise, our representatives offer personalized service, a wide array of products, a 24-hour emergency service line and will always be there for you after a loss.