Insure your Recreational Vehicle and hit the road!

You love to spend the summer in the great outdoors and decided to invest in a camper, trailer or motor home. 

Together with our various insurers, we offer a comprehensive range of custom products, tailor-made for campers, trailers and motor homes enjoyed for personal use. Specific policies allow you to insure your camper, trailer or motor home and the personal effects it contains.  Contact a La Turquoise representative right now! 

Optional benefits 

  • Roadside assistance
  • $100 daily allowance for a replacement vehicle rental following a claim, with maximum compensation*
  • Coverage of contents inside the RV 
  • Compensation without depreciation 

*Included in the coverage of some insurers 

Check out the savings!

  • Club member

    Discounts for members of a club or association recognized by the insurer 

  • Anti-theft system

    Install a theft deterrent system on your RV for additional savings

  • Motor home + Auto bundle 

    Bundle your motor home + auto insurance and save on your RV premium!