Enjoy adventures with your RV with Snowmobile and ATV insurance 

Quebec has a large network of snowmobile and ATV trails on which to enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of the freedom and discover them.   

But before you head out, it’s important to check your insurance coverage. Although trail permits provide some insurance coverage, it's not sufficient. But don’t worry. Our representatives are there to advise you.  

Optional benefits 

  • Coverage for accessories and equipment, up to $3,000  
  • Life insurance of $10,000, at no additional charge (included in the coverage by certain insurers)* 
  • Coverage outside Quebec for a period of six months, at no additional charge*
  • Civil liability, up to $2,000,000  
  • Replacement coverage (new or used vehicle)

*Included in the coverage by certain insurers

Check out the savings!

  • Club member

    Discounts for members of a snowmobile or ATV club recognized by the insurer 

  • Anti-theft system

    Install a theft-deterrent or tracking system on your snowmobile or ATV for additional savings

  • Snowmobile or ATV + Auto

    Bundle your motorcycle or ATV + auto insurance and save on your RV premium!